Citizenship by Investment

The Government of St. Kitts and Nevis has the oldest established “Citizenship-by-investment” programme (dating back 1984), which has garnered several Global awards. Investors along with their family members, can directly qualify for citizenship through investment, either by purchasing a pre-approved CBI investment property or making a donation to the Sustainable Growth Fund.

*** All properties offered for sale at US$400,000 will now be eligible for the Citizenship By Investment programme. Announced on 8th December 2020   *** 

The following properties are a selection of the our offerings that are pre-approved for the Citizenship by Investment programme.

St Kitts Nevis Realty can assist in your application process for CBI in either real estate or donation options, we are happy to discuss your requirements and tailor the right programme to your needs.

CBI OPTIONS & FEES (exclusive of Legal & Conveyancing Fees)
* Real Estate US$ 400,000.00

Full ownership of a Citizenship property starts with an investment of US$ 400,000.00 which must be held for five years before resale.

The principal applicant can apply for CBI on the unit with family members with the additional fees:

Government Fees: US$ 35,000.00 Principal Applicant | US$ 20,000.00 Spouse | US$ 10,000.00 Per Dependant.

Registration Fees: US$ 7,500.00 Principal Applicant | US$ 4,000.00 Spouse | US$ 4,000.00 Dependant over 16 years of age.

* Real Estate US$ 200,000.00

A real estate investment of US$200,000 applies to a shared ownership, where two principals apply on one qualifying real estate option. A shared option must be held for 7 years before resale. The same fee structure applies.

** Special Offer ** 

** Reduced pricing from 3rd July 2020 through to 31st December 2021 **

St Kitts and Nevis has launched a Sustainable Growth fund, effective from April 1, 2018.

The contribution requirements under SGF are:

US$ 150,000 for a Family of Four: (spouse, main applicant, 2 children) | Additional family dependents: US$25,000   (Normally US$195,000 or a Family of Four)


A 60 day Accelerated  Application Process (AAP) option is available subject to the following fees:

US$ 25,000 Main Applicant | US$ 20,000 Per Dependent.

Most applications are processed within 45 days under AAP


* Visa free travel to all EU Schengen countries including Switzerland, UK and Ireland

* No residency requirement or visit to St Kitts & Nevis required.

* St Kitts is a tax free destination with no income tax on overseas earnings, no capital gains or inheritance taxes.

* Lifetime citizenship

* Privacy in small, peaceful country

* Dual citizenship benefits

* Wide choice of real estate investment, including condominiums, shared ownership options, freehold homes and marina slips.

* St Kitts passport is now the most accepted CBI passport in the Caribbean with visa free access to 154 countries, including Russia, UK, Ireland and all EU Schengen states.

* St Kitts is committed to expanding their visa waiver program with more countries and has recently signed visa waivers with Mexico, Georgia, Albania and The Marshall Islands.

The St Christopher (St Kitts) and Nevis passport issued is valid for 10 years, which can be renewed thereafter.

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